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Order your premium front-load extruded aluminum indoor DeuPair Flip Frames in any of 10 colors. The anodized wood finishes are amazing! I couldn't tell they weren't real one foot away in direct sunlight. Customers also love the varnished brushed aluminum called Champagne, which is a luxurious version of silver. Available in any size up to 48x72 inches with two-frame minimum. Frames longer than 36 inches require simple assembly. This is something to enjoy whether or not you're a professional photographer.

Mount these durable, easy-to-hang picture frames on the wall to reduce liability from falling objects. Then insert graphics with shatterproof clear overlay right through the front. PETG OR polycarb(onate)? PETG film is similar to what water bottles are made from. Polycarb is the lens material used for eyeglasses. Both are recyclable. The frame overlays are not as thick as eyeglasses.

To prevent frequent overlay replacement for large quantities, the Polycarb overlay is strongly recommended for its remarkable clarity and durability (5-year guarantee). The 1.25" frame covers 1/2 inch of inserted graphic edge, extending another 3/4 inch to the outer frame edge (i.e. 8x10" picture has 7x9" visible area within 9.5x11.5" frame). If ordering frames for our standard-size anatomy poster, use image dimensions of 20.2 x 26.2" for maximum viewing area. We also carry posters with a larger dimension of 22.2 x 28.2". Note that minimum price is for smallest dimensions, not poster-size frames.

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