DeuPair Flip Frame 20x26


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Beautify your office walls while saving time and space with front-load frames. Order your extruded aluminum DeuPair Flip Frames with subtle edges on 1.5 inch borders in your choice of 10 colors. Outer dimensions are 22.12x28.12 inches. Most cannot tell the anodized wood finish from real wood. Customers love the varnished brushed aluminum called Champagne, which is a luxurious version of silver. Mount these durable, easy-to-hang picture frames on the wall to reduce liability from falling objects. Then insert graphics with shatterproof clear overlay right through the front without worrying about available top or side clearance. It can easily be wiped clean with mild soapy water on a damp cloth.

  More Information  Note: 11 black; 6 silver; 2 champagne; 3 cherry

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