Can I have digital poster art?

This question is so popular, we added it to our blog.

There are a few government-funded or public-domain posters available for download in our online store. You can access them by typing the word “free” into the storewide Find field. The vast majority of our posters require purchase.

We can custom print and translate posters in quantities of 1000 or more units. Alternatively, you may, commission custom artwork for a new poster or license existing medical illustrations.

Do people still hang printed posters? With the popularity of sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, many people “hang posters” on their social media accounts. Thus, it might seem reasonable to receive a higher resolution digital version. The medical illustrators, physicians, technical writers, printers, and warehouses are not compensated if artwork is freely distributed. For more details, see the article, "Can I Have The Digital Art File?