Will you give me a discount?

What educational, clinic, military, or non-profit discounts are available?

Low margin: It is natural to assume that since a dozen posters will be discounted. The MSRP establishes a low profit margin. So whether you are ordering one or 100 posters, the unit price is the same. With that said, here are a few exceptions. + Read more

Great value: A new BMW for the same price as a Toyota Corolla is a bargain. Hence, bargains are evaluated by more than lowest price. It matters what you get for what’s spent. That’s value. Since we use higher quality lamination, packaging, and insured shipping, our premium poster and frame prices should cost more than competitors. Yet, they are below MSRP.

Not only is our lamination thicker, it includes UV light protection for more vibrant colors that last longer. The patented assembly process for our DeuPair Frames provides another good value. Extruded aluminum is stronger than rolled sheet metal. Anodizing is more durable than spray paint. Rather than reselling cheaply constructed products from overseas, DeuPair Frames are made in the USA. So when comparing prices, there is no comparison for this value.