Why use multiple search engines?

Just want to know how to find what you’re looking for.

The difference: Searching through a dynamic database (online shopping cart) or static documents have different methodologies. Google does a great job of indexing nearly every static page on the Internet. Results are less optimal when targeting one site.

Sitewide search: Our sitewide Search indexes the most words and seamlessly displays results on a FreeFind.com page with ClinicalPosters compatible formatting. This triggers SSL warnings with sitewide security enabled. So sitewide Search field is only on one page: Site Map. Visit it and you will see a warning unless you have instructed your browser to trust this site.

Storewide find: The secure storewide Find field combs through our store database. This storewide Find field is located in the store and every blog page. A limited number of keywords from close to 300 blog articles may provide additional results when searching the store. (Below it is a link to the sitewide Search field.) See the article, “Easier Way To Find What You’re Searching For

Soon it won’t matter which search engine you use. Our storewide Find organic search field analyses query intent. It then returns optimum links to product pages, stub articles, blog articles, FAQs, defines terms inline, or opens specific pages. Add the ability to sort results by price, category, or title and you have easy access to the most powerful search method.