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SOCIAL MEDIA Now find ClinicalPosters Tweets in the main navigation bar of this site. This gives prominence to our amazing Twitter timeline and a new Twitter aggregator called Twylah.

A couple of weeks ago, I shared my exuberance with Twylah in the article: Twylah May Forever Change Twitter. Now that I have become a bit more familiar with the service, I want to focus on one feature in particular — the Power Tweet.

What is A Power Tweet?

With this being primarily a health blog, let's clarify that a Power Tweet has nothing to do with power lifting but much to do with Twitter. You must have a Twylah account to send a Power Tweet but anyone can view one — even those without a Twitter account. And that last detail is key. Despite its popularity, not everyone has a Twitter account — sometimes by choice.

A Power Tweet has nothing to do with power lifting but much to do with Twitter.

A Power Tweet redirects embedded links to a customized Twylah landing page and populates that page with related Tweets from the author's timeline. A Power Tweet can include links to a Web page, images or video content. Such rich media is presented on the landing page. This is much less trivial than it sounds and opens up several possibilities.

I have provided links to various sample Twylah pages at the bottom of this page. The first is a simple Twitter retweet archived by Twylah. [1] The second is Tweet originating in Twitter that talks about Twylah in this blog. [2] The third is a Power Tweet that welcomes a new follower with a link to a Twitpic image. [3] This last example is noteworthy. Since Twitpic can also include messages longer than 140 characters, it is possible to upload an image and write a detailed paragraph. The Power Tweet treats this as an illustrated article on its landing page sent to Twitter.

Oops. Did you send an ordinary Tweet but want a landing page? No problem. When the Tweet becomes visible within Twylah, click on it (not the link) to open it up to a new landing page. Tweet this link as a round about Power Tweet.

The Need For A Tweet Overhaul

Twitter currently presents visitors with a join-now page if they are not logged in. This interference, therefore, can become a barrier to traffic. Why would someone not want to join Twitter you ask? Many just don't understand the streaming newsfeed interface. What they can understand is a page with information sorted by topics. This is how Twylah lifts Tweets to a new level. Tweets are elevated into logical categories, displayed even when Twitter is over capacity. New content is not instant but refreshed a couple of times per day, like a morning and evening edition of a newspaper.

Here's another bonus: Right on the landing page, visitors can reply to a Tweet. And replies show up on Twitter, but more importantly, beneath the original Power Tweet like a threaded blog post — instead of several feet down a long scrolling Twitter feed. Happy to hear your thoughts. #twylahzone

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