Foreign Speaking Anatomy Posters

Save 20 to 63 percent in bulk

Stock anatomy posters can be translated and shipped worldwide.

SHOPPING A customer mused, "It's not like you can ship me 500 posters in Dutch." My reaction: "We certainly can, if you like." Apparently, few realize that, in bulk, not only can we imprint company logos, we can translate the content into other languages as well. Though 500 is the minimum quantiy, with 1000 or more, localization can often be provided at nominal or no extra cost.

Can You Translate Posters Into My Language?

Currently in our online store, you'll find about 20 posters translated into Spanish. But, in bulk, the listed posters are available in Spanish (español), Italian (Italiano), French (Français), Dutch (Nederlands), German (Deutsch) or other languages. With printing plants in the United States, Canada, Spain, Europe and other territories, we can coordinate fulfillment of localized anatomy posters around the world. Custom imprinted posters have even greater value as gifts to physicians when they are in the language of the patients they serve.

Localized posters are easy to order. The drop-down on each product page allows you to select a unit price based on volume. Just specify a language in the comment field during checkout.

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