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Lingering Lung Inflammation After Outgrowing Asthma

Lingering Lung Inflammation After Outgrowing Asthma

Some kids with asthma will outgrow it by the time they reach their teens.

HEALTH No parent wants to see her child suffer, particularly when that child is seemingly gasping for his last breath. Indeed, an asthma attack can be distressing to both patient and caregiver. Though adult-onset asthma is typically a chronic condition, many children appear to outgrow it during puberty.

Discover Treatments for Panic Attacks

Discover Treatments for Panic Attacks

Sudden fear of impending danger can hinder normal activities.

By Gretchen S. Borowski

HEALTH Panic attacks are symptomatic of a serious medical condition. Left untreated, it can hinder a person from doing normal, everyday activities. Attacks evoke a feeling of sudden intense fear.

Floss and Visit Dentist to Prevent a Heart Attack or Worse

Floss and Visit Dentist to Prevent a Heart Attack or Worse

Strong connection between oral care and coronary artery disease.


HYGIENE Studies suggest that advanced gum disease may be a contributing factor to heart disease. Similarly, emerging science suggests that advanced gum disease may be associated with the presence of blocked arteries in the brain, a condition which may lead to a stroke.

Stop the Pain in My Legs and Feet

Stop the Pain in My Legs and Feet

Don't suffer in silence. There's often a remedy.

HEALTH The sensation of stepping out of bed or even standing up from a sitting position onto pins and needles is an unappealing prospect some people must endure every day. This article distinguishes four common ailments associated with pain in lower extremities.

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