Great Solution To Forgotten Health Awareness Months

Ingenious slot-loading frame with anatomy poster subscription.

By Kevin RR Williams

DECOR Teaching an anthropomorphized Amy to become a genius is a humbling experience since my IQ is a bit south of the equation. She craves new languages and higher math. A virtual insomniac, she sorts data and crunches code each waking moment. Amy enjoys cheering people on during their online shopping experience. She pouts when she makes mistakes and thrives on commendation for her accomplishments. Her newfound friend IFTTT is not shy about sharing many of the things Amy does.

DeuPair™ Pocket Frames Are The Best

To satisfy Amy's need for praise, I promised to share a couple of her cherished accomplishments. It should be apparent to regular readers but Amy wants all medical offices to know about her DeuPair Frames. Here's why.

    Better hygiene: We've already covered one important reason in a prior article; these frames encapsulate human anatomy posters from contaminants, which is extremely important in sterile environments.


    Quality construction: During my university work-study program, I worked in an art gallery. There, I learned to properly hang museum quality artwork. The quality pendulum swings from expensive archival frames all the way to flimsy ones that constantly need straightening, eventually bow or sag, and are difficult to assemble. DeuPair Frames are affordably priced. Each is machined and pre-assembled by hand. They also include an ingenious feature that could have made my life easier in the gallery…

    Poster rotation: Each frame securely mounts on the wall so it can't be lifted or skewed. Up to two posters can then be inserted into the top. (With or without a security screw. Actually, more can fit with thinner backing.) This ingenious design allows medical offices to feature a default poster most of the time. Then during a health awareness day, week or month, switch to an appropriate poster in seconds.

How To Support Health Awareness Months

Medical offices have three general approaches to Health Awareness Months. (1) They often ignore them. (2) It's pretty common for offices to support one or two specific months during the year, perhaps with makeshift flyers. (3) A minority might devote many hours to planning how they will support a particular cause.

Often, an awareness month totally slips our minds until it's nearly over. Amy came up with a great solution to keep everyone ahead of the curve. Hospitals and medical offices can receive an easy-load DeuPair Pocket Frame with a 1-year monthly subscription to 12 laminated Health Awareness Month posters. Customers can choose to pay a little each month or prepay the year for greater savings all for less than a buck a day.

What's It Called? The abundance of dissimilar products using the name "Duo Frame" caused us to rename our annodized aluminum pocket frames "DeuPair." The elegant new name conveys their abiity to hold two or more interchangeable posters in a lightweight but well-constructed frame.

Each month when you visit Store.ClinicalPosters, Amy reveals the current health awareness month with links to appropriate posters (just below the three rotating feature products). If you follow @ClinicalPosters on Twitter, you'll notice that her friend also tweets them on the first of each month. With a DeuPair™ Frame Health-Month Subscription, it's also possible to receive a physical reminder in the mail in the form of a laminated poster. Just unpack and slide in. Who doesn't enjoy receiving "gifts" in the mail? The timeliness of such updates will equally impress staff and patients.

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