How Do You Like Being Treated Without A Diagnosis?

Royal Pains — "Astraphobia"

Doctor, what’s wrong with me?

By Kevin RR Williams

GUEST BLOG With a syndicated circulation of nearly 1 million, the synopsis entitled "How Entertainment Has Altered Our Desire For Diagnosis" appears on I am honored to be featured and look forward to sharing again. Please visit there or read complete two-part text here and comment because only collective responses can truly answer the questions raised.

I remember, some years ago, sitting with a relative across a large wooden desk in a doctor's private office. We discussed symptoms for half an hour during an initial consultation. On a different occasion, I recall another doctor pinning an MRI on the wall, circling an area and articulating exactly why the radiologist overlooked a diagnosis. There was a doctor who stood bedside, outlining what was known, what was baffling and how it would be investigated. Back in those days, there were even phone calls from physicians with results. Does this sound like an episode of Royal Pains?

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