What Color Is Your Day?

What Color Is Your Day

Black Friday is synonymous with door-buster savings.

By Kevin RR Williams

SHOPPING Eyes fixed on the front doors, anxiously awaiting their opening with laced up tennis shoes, shoppers have literally been trampled upon in an effort to obtain one of a handful of significantly marked down products. The "losers" in this race for savings are often colored green with envy. The "winners" may flush with excitement. Those unable to shop may feel a bit blue.

Eschewing early-morning department store campgrounds, Internet shoppers can order whatever they need with a few clicks of a button. This is why the second biggest retail shopping day is dubbed Cyber Monday. From home or work, with a desktop or mobile device, many have completed their window shopping assessments and "kicked the tires" at the stores over the weekend. On Monday they begin searching anew for the best bargains through rose colored glasses.

My ISBN is Lavender

Here's a noteworthy tip. You can shop for human anatomy posters by color at Store.ClinicalPosters. This means you don't need to memorize arcane ISBN numbers. You can type in "pink asthma poster" to find what you need. Perhaps you remember a "blue epatient poster." If so, type it into the homepage of the online store. Even if you are not searching for a specific poster you have seen before, you can use colors to describe your mood or decor and see what comes up.

Enjoy a Multicolored Day

As an added bonus, this Friday, November 23 and Monday, November 26, 2012 you can save 50% off USA shipping for orders placed from midnight until 11 AM with a minimum purchase of $19. Get the posters you desire in a kaleidoscope of colors with no lines to battle and no code to memorize. Just checkout and the discount will be applied. It's so simple, you may blush.

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Image by Dsk licensed from iStock Photo retouched by author.