164,000 Thanks

164,000 Thanks

We’re just getting started.

WEBSITE We thank 98,000 different visitors for visiting 164,316 pages during the 2012 calendar year. (We hoped for 150,000.) Better than 10 percent are returning visitors. Each month more than 10,000 visitors accessed as many as 16,000 pages.

These totals represent a 200 percent increase over 2011. In 2013 we are preparing for 20,000 monthly page views or a quarter of a million annual views at ClinicalPosters. Interestingly, in different order, the top five blog pages for 2012 are the same as they were during 2011. This means we have to work harder at selecting better subjects to top 2011 in content value. You can help by linking back to your favorite articles on your blogs or various social media accounts.

Viewers’ Top Blog Articles

  1. It's Dysautonomia, Not Laziness - May 25, 2011 (16%)
  2. Stop The Pain in My Legs and Feet - January 1, 2011 (8%)
  3. Is The Skin Cell Gun Real? - February 4, 2011 (5%)
  4. Coughing Up Sputum - March 9, 2011 (4%)
  5. Excise Oral Melanotic Macule - May 27, 2010 (3%)

Aggregated visits to Store.ClinicalPosters were in second place behind the dysautonomia article that raked in nearly 27,000 page views. In the store, the most popular poster was the Snellen Eye Chart followed by Parkinson's Disease.

Did you notice during 2012 that this blog acquired the new name: A Bit More Healthy? We introduced Health Awareness Month Subscriptions, DeuPair Frames, an updated home page, online store makeover with enhancements for mobile devices, Pinterest integration and exclusive Sight posters. There have been reciprocal guest blog articles with doctors and nutritionists. Several recipes and local restaurant reviews were shared. ClinicalPosters followers on Twitter grew by 50 percent.

By clicking the "Community" tab in the Disqus section below, it's easy to see that a big thanks goes to Sunithi of Sue's Nutrition Buzz as the most active commenter.

We plan to continue exceeding your expectations during 2013, just as you have exceeded ours during 2012. You may bookmark BitMoreHealthy.com to easily locate this blog. In January, we are busting out the gate with a scheduled two articles per week. There are many things planned that we don't want you to miss. So if you haven't already done so, take a minute to join our mailing list in the sidebar. Let us know what type of articles interest you.

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