A Bit More Healthy Archive March 2012

The iPad is Reducing Paperwork for Patient Check-Ins

The iPad is Reducing Paperwork for Patient Check-Ins

Is your office registration still done the ‘old fashion’ way?

TECHNOLOGY Why should patients fill out paperwork, only to require office personnel to key the same information into a computer system? This increases potential transcription errors and the amount of time spent processing each patient.

Poll: Most Desirable Facial Flaw?

Poll: Most Desirable Facial Flaw?

If you had to keep one facial flaw, which would it be?

BEAUTY This is a great dermatology and self esteem poll if you're honest. The largest human organ is the skin. It is exposed to damaging sun rays, can reveal signs of stress, imbalanced nutrition, trauma and hereditary imperfections.

Join The e-Patient Campaign

Join The e-Patient Campaign

For a limited time, get $5 off each laminated e-Patient poster.

EPATIENT If you're a physician in a medical practice, this is the time to decorate your office. If you're a patient, this is the time to share gifts with your medical providers. Just use rebate code on specially marked e-Patient poster product pages to save $5 off each 20x26" or larger laminated poster in quantities of two or more.

Our Enhanced Search Engine Pounds Gluteus

Our Enhanced Search Engine Pounds Gluteus

Vulgarity replaced with anatomically appropriate words to improve results.

SHOPPING No judgment. We know. Sometimes it just slips out, right? Or maybe you are just curious about what will be displayed. To be fair, the one tasked with obtaining anatomy posters for the office is not always the one with an advanced medical degree.