New Skin Burn Classifications

Display skin burns labeled by numeric degree and skin depth.

By Kevin RR Williams

DERMATOLOGY Change is difficult. For decades, both doctors and patients have become accustomed to terms such as 2nd and 3rd degree burns. The problem is that surface evaluations may not always describe subdermal damage. Furthermore, appearances vary for chemical and thermal burns of the same numerical degree. More dermatologists are now describing burns in relation to tissue involvement.

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This enlarged Skin Burn Severity anatomy poster depicts new skin burn classifications along with corresponding 1st through 4th degree burns for trauma centers, EMT/EMS and paramedic schools. At 24x36 inches, it is nearly as wide as the standard anatomy poster is tall. This provides a better view of multiple skin burns with legible text that can be easily referred to in an emergency. There is also room to include both adult and child Rule of Nines figure diagrams.

Don't Get Burned By Improper Framing


Proper framing is strongly recommended to prevent posters from falling off the wall, getting dinged or curling from humidity. Plastic or sheet aluminum can bow or crack over time. DeuPair Frames are manufactured from extruded aluminum that does not lose its shape. For a poster this size, the standard black DeuPair Pocket Frame requires over four feet of overhead clearance. The front-loading DeuPair Flip Frame is ideal for low ceilings and comes in a range of colors and simulated wood finishes to complement the beautiful artwork.

Include this informative poster in medical and paramedic school curriculum or trauma departments. Art and text has been verified for accuracy by the director of the UC Irvine Regional Burn Center Director. Order your posters today from Store.ClinicalPosters.

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