Jeff Golub Plays Blind

He may have lost his eyesight but not his resolve.

By Kevin RR Williams

HEALTH Gerald Albright, Peter White, Jessy J, and Jeff Golub performed simultaneously on stage as I stood just 20 feet away snapping photos at Rancho Mirage Las Palmas, Guitars and Saxes concert. In the dim lights, I got a closeup shot of Jeff Golub looking right at me, as though he was wondering what I was going to do with the photograph. At this amazing concert, I had no idea this would be our last mutual glance.

Just three years later, this contemporary jazz guitarist with 14 solo albums and 3 CD's as the leader of the instrumental band "Avenue Blue," suddenly and unexpectedly lost his eyesight. According to his Facebook page:

    Jeff faced this challenge with determination, humor and bravery. With the support of his family and friends, he learned to walk with a cane and later to use a guide dog. He learned to use a voice-activated cell phone, independently mastered a speech-to-text app for his computer and worked with a mobility trainer to navigate bumps in the sidewalk, cross the street, use public transportation, and much more. In a matter of months, Jeff taught himself to read Braille. Throughout all of this, Jeff continued to write and record music, travel to performances, play his music and support his family.

That's right. Despite blindness, Jeff continued to perform music. In 2013, he even released a new album, "Train Keeps A Rolling" including the hit single, "Pusherman," currently Billboard's number one smooth jazz song for the fourth week in a row.

Jeff Golub Plays Blind

In Jeff’s own words: “Yet again, my life is at stake on the tracks. And this time it’s all a promo. I, obviously, really want you to buy my new cd. One could say 'my life depends upon it.’” Xoxoxo — with Jeff Golub.

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Under the advice of doctors, managers and promoters, this outstanding talent has halted performances to focus on declining health. Symptoms appear to be the result of a yet to be diagnosed neurological condition. Jeff continues to seek answers, remarking recently of his condition, "Everything I do is a challenge and everything I do is a victory." I thank Jeff for his incredible legacy and wish him the best in the victories he faces daily. Supporters can purchase his music on iTunes or make donations on his website.

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