MYanatoMY is Showing

Announcing a new website for human anatomy posters.

By Kevin RR Williams

WEBSITE When looking in the mirror, do you sometimes wish you had one do-over? Paying better attention to nutrition, fitness or using skin care protection may have resulted in better complexion or a physique that does not test the strength of garment threads. Perhaps you're considering a little nip and tuck to improve self-confidence. None of us can escape the presence of our own anatomy and its daily reminders for improvement.

My Anatomy Do-Over

With unrivaled finishing options, the online store on this site is a fantastic place for doctors and hospitals to purchase anatomy posters. Amy is beautiful and has risen to the challenges she faced. But if given an opportunity for a do-over, what structural changes would be beneficial?

  1. Site name that includes the word "anatomy" better describes products.
  2. Home-page store is more accessible than a subdirectory.
  3. Descriptive product page names and file paths improve SEO.
  4. Focus on quality customer experience rather than discount prices.

With great pleasure, I am happy to announce my anatomy store "do-over." Appropriately, it's found at, MYanatoMYart. Along with the new website are new Twitter and Pinterest accounts for you to follow. Social media content is more streamlined than that of ClinicalPosters. (Time to follow my own advice about gaining followers.) And purchases on the new site come with a slew of quality guarantees.

Not counting the hugely successful Pinterest rich data board, this now makes the third web store for human anatomy posters. There's one on this site, one on Amazon, and the newest hosted on Squarespace. These stores may share inventory but each location has different operating costs and objectives so prices vary.

  • Store.ClinicalPosters: With five finishing options, this includes the most extensive collection of anatomy posters, including free downloads and limited-stock closeouts with multiple frame styles. Orders are shipped internationally.
  • ClinicalPosters Amazon: Primarily unlaminated posters in a DeuPair Pocket Frame are sold on this site that focuses on one-click checkout. A few laminated giclée prints are offered. Most orders must be fulfilled within 2 days. Amazon orders include 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Orders ship in the U.S.
  • MYanatoMYart: Choose from a subset of premium laminated anatomy posters with or without grommets or frames. Comprehensive guarantees not offered elsewhere are included with each purchase. DeuPair Pocket Frames in two colors and DeuPair Flip Frames in 10 colors are offered along with framed groupings for customer-provided images. Insured shipping is limited to North America.

Having backup websites hosted on completely different systems is beneficial if one site goes down, or if there's an incompatibility with the customer system. For example, visitors running Internet Explorer 9 have reported checkout problems at Store.ClinicalPosters (even though IE7, IE8 and IE10 are fine). When this occurs, shoppers will be directed to the new store.

Managing a commerce site is much different than a blog. Among other things, shopping carts require data encryption, inventory management and reporting to help anticipate which items sell best and why. Extensive browser compatibility testing is usually necessary. It is often cost effective to pay reasonable monthly or annual fees to get access to ready-made tools. On the other hand, a custom site like Amy can be configured to list products with unique pricing calculations that turnkey solutions can't accommodate. That's why Store.ClinicalPosters continues to have the most SKUs.

Comparison of Our Online Anatomy Poster Stores
Feature Amazon MYanatoMY ClinicalPosters
Products 60+ 160+ 300+
Blog X X
USA Shipping X X X
Canada Shipping X X
Int'l Shipping ** X
Frame Paper Posters X X
Frame Laminate Posters * X X
Paper Posters * X
Laminate Posters * X X
Laminate & Grommets X X
Foam Mount Posters X
Custom Imprints X
Custom Size Frames X
DeuPair Frame Groups 4 10
DeuPair Frame Styles 1 2 4
* Most anatomy posters are paper. A limited number of giclee prints designed by ClinicalPosters are available laminated with frames from
** After initial testing, the store may be scaled to accept international orders.

The new store's grid design bears a slight resemblance to Pinterest. Adding items to your cart can be done without leaving the product page. I like the way it seamlessly configures to browser window sizes. In my testing, locating products is intuitive. Time will tell which store interface customers prefer.

Showing Anatomy in the Exam Room

A moment when we are perhaps most conscious of our anatomy is during that fateful moment at the doctor's office when the nurse hands us a doily, tells us undress, and leave the back open. The demi-gown seems like a consolation prize after the weigh in. It never fails that just when bending over to remove that last sock, the doctor taps and enters in one motion, exposing unflattering anatomy.

The physician's overeducated attempt to assuage misgivings may sound like a Scrabble championship. A kindly doctor, turns our attention to an anatomy poster on the wall. After comforting words using appropriate visuals, we can follow prescribed directions and feel A Bit More Healthy even with perceived uncomely anatomy. Anatomy posters are great conduits for meaningful diagnostic discussions.

Baring a vigorous exercise routine, a restrictive diet or plastic surgery, we won't get a do-over. We might just hone our skills in camouflage and subterfuge. Fortunately, my anatomy store has received a do-over. Visit MYanatoMYart with a desktop or mobile browser. A blog there has brief articles that focus on appropriate anatomy topics and health awareness months. Then let me know what you think of this "do-over" and, if it's no higher than PG rated, share what part of your anatomy you'd like to change.