Decorate Medical Office on a Budget

Hang human anatomy posters for less than you think.

By Kevin RR Williams

DECOR What's cheaper than a fresh coat of paint? Wall posters. I once visited a doctor's exam room that begged for both. Pictures can really brighten a room. Currently, there are nine large pictures hanging in my three-tone color office. So I appreciate paint and pictures.

Some doctors eschew health posters in favor of a "minimalist" style. Is that a "thing?" For exam rooms, it's more like an excuse. Human anatomy posters go beyond aesthetics; they are a vibrant resource for patient interaction. They bridge the gap in medical vocabulary during consultations.

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Perhaps you're a motivated nurse armed only with a copier and a cork board canvas between the blood pressure pump and the patient scale. If you have a small budget but would like to decorate your walls, our online store has many posters under $12. If you have access to a color printer, you can also download several free posters.

With the menu selector set to "less than $10," press the button labeled "Range" (desktop) or type "free" in the "Find" field. If you don't have a printer, we can print, laminate, and frame them for you. With the money you save, perhaps you could paint over those scuff marks on the wall.

Blog: 3-in-Frame Bargain

Three-in-one frame sets provide another opportunity to get your walls covered for less. Or with a 10-month subscription, you can receive a new poster each month to rotate within the wall-mounted frame. For more decorating ideas, visit our Pinterest board entitled, Medical Office Interiors.

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Poster image used with permission from CDC.