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By Kevin RR Williams

SOCIAL MEDIA Years ago, people read the news from a local or national newspaper. If they wanted a bit more pinaché, they would browse popular magazines like Time or Life. Now on the Internet, it seems everyone has a blog — and people are reading them from tablets and smartphones. There are some sites we love to visit and others we wish would be redesigned with better legibility and improved content.

You’re in Good Company

Each month, over 10 thousand people visit ClinicalPosters either to read A Bit More Healthy blog or to purchase anatomy posters in the online store. A few of these supporters kindly complained that the prior dark background hindered readability. The new desktop- and mobile-device-compatible color scheme is gentler on the eyes. Already, the bounce rate (single-page visits) is down and number of pages viewed per visited has increased.

While there is a vocal minority, thousands remain silent. You are encouraged to share your thoughts as you rate your personal support of A Bit More Healthy blog. Add up your hearts from one selection in each of two categories below. Customers can score a maximum of 21 hearts. Regular visitors can receive up to 15. Share your score in the comment box. Return a month or so later and see if your social engagement has improved. It's not a competition; it's merely a lighthearted ice breaker.

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What’s This Blog About?

Most people who get sick today, search the Internet to discover more about their ailment. It can be time consuming and they may not understand everything that's out there. A Bit More Healthy is a health-centric blog that distills pertinent details from the best sites into a comprehensive resource with a patient perspective. References are generally provided with in-depth articles for those requiring it.

About eighty percent of the patient-focused articles here discuss symptoms of chronic diseases and how to cope with them. Ten percent deals with general health and nutrition. Five percent of articles are food related, including recipes or restaurant reviews. Three percent include useful social media or SEO tips. Two percent is split between general site update news and miscellaneous. (These are approximations.)

Everyone's support is greatly appreciated. Click the Disqus Community tab to reveal some frequent commenters. They include fellow bloggers: Fiona of, Jess of, Sue of, and Stevie of With improved legibility, it's anticipated that many more will rise above visitation rights.

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