Our Readers Are Awesome!

Our Readers Are Awesome

Your support is appreciated.

WEBSITE As we begin our fifth year of publishing, we want to thank more than 125,800 different visitors for viewing 186,243 pages during the 2013 calendar year. Though this fell short of our ambitious quarter-million target, there were 28,000 more visitors than last year who viewed 22,000 more pages. We worked hard to remedy several issues impacting visits. So in 2014, we should easily top 200,000 page views.

A detrimental setback resulted from the Time Warner Cable outage. It not only interfered with uploading new content, but depending upon the location, some visitors were just staring at blank pages. Google even halted indexing this site. This necessitated relocating the entire domain to a new hosting company. In the process, for a time, our Tweets subdirectory was disabled and indexing of the product pages in our store was suppressed. Altogether, we estimate losing at least 50,000 views. But we bounced back. Indexing has been corrected. To minimize commerce interruption in the future, a backup site was created.

Eighty one articles were posted in 2013 compared with 64 in 2012. A mobile version of this blog was made available for the first time in June 2013. Now 58 percent of visits are from mobile devices. Annualized, Pinterest has been responsible for 28 percent of referral traffic. However, with exponential growth, the percentage over the past month is up to 50 percent with 1,100 active followers. Drumroll… What are most people reading in this blog? There is no surprise in the top spot for the third consecutive year.

Viewers’ Top Blog Articles

  1. It's Dysautonomia, Not Laziness May 25, 2011 (8%)
  2. Stop The Pain in My Legs and Feet - January 1, 2011 (3%)
  3. I Feel So Bad, I Could Spit - March 9, 2010 (3%)
  4. Is The Skin Cell Gun Real? - February 4, 2011 (1%)
  5. Excise Oral Melanotic Macule - May 27, 2010 (1%)
  6. Get Scalp Psoriasis Under Control - February 13, 2013 (1%)

Aggregated visits to Store.ClinicalPosters accounted for 46 percent of page views compared to 51 percent for A Bit More Healthy blog. Seventy percent of site visits were within the United States. In the store, the most viewed poster was Understanding Pain followed by Understanding Type 2 Diabetes. The many interested in diabetes should view the external video by Michael Gregor, MD, about eggs and diabetes.

Have you noticed the addition of themed keywords at the beginning of articles since November? It occurred to us that with some of the creative writing and witty headlines, a reader may not comprehend the intent of an article until after reading a paragraph or two. The themed keywords help orientate readers so they know what to expect. Among others, we now distinguish between such topics as health, research, recipe, dining, social media, shopping, decor, technology, and website. Use them to more easily browse through articles of interest.

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