I Was Shocked to See One Million Viewers!

Pinterest improved its analytics.

By Kevin RR Williams

SOCIAL MEDIA I can hardly wait to publish my annual Web traffic report. It’s just two months away and already records are being shattered. Pinterest weighs heavily in the results. Their analytics have undergone a major overhaul. Previously, traffic to and from a user’s linked website was the primary focus. While this data is still available, it is easier to gauge the influence of boards and pins, regardless of which website they originate.

With the new Pinterest Analytics it is simple to drill down to important statistics using the mouse click or a trackpad tap. And the numbers for ClinicalPosters are mind boggling. Within a 30-day period, 1.2 million people see and act on these Pins. This is a phenomenal milestone and a tantalizing preview of the year-end tallies. People appear to be attracted to high-quality pins and share a commonality with several of the boards created. Given the explosion in the number of high-resolution mobile phones and phablets, big, beautiful 736-pixel wide images are also appreciated.

With this mini update to ClinicalPosters progress, I want to leave you with something actionable. At the top of the Analytics page, click the “Activity from [yourwebsite]” tab to see average daily impressions and a breakdown of top pin impressions along with a tip to improve traffic on your linked website. One tip is to prominently feature on your website the listed pins most people are clicking. Even though Pinterest Analytics may appear foreign, the information can indicate viewer interests that may be integrated into your website. So there will be more eyes on your recipes, blogs or online store.

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