Literature Carts Are Everywhere!

Interchangeable frames for carts are now globally available.

By Kevin RR Williams

PRODUCT Worldwide, there are about 8 million Jehovah’s Christian Witnesses. Each is trained to conduct weekly free Bible studies with multiple interested persons. And there a sincere desire to teach more about the Creator. This international invitation is being taken to the streets by means of compact literature carts. Have you seen them on corners, in shopping centers, and public streets? They are literally in every continent.

The foam board headers for these popular literature carts change frequently, corresponding with monthly messages. Some users mount or print full-size graphics directly on replacement board. Others temporarily tape smaller artwork onto the surface. For maximum visibility, full-size graphics are preferred. Maintaining multiple literature carts typically introduces the need to manage many large foam boards. Such fragile headers may get damaged during transportation and storage. Then one must consider environmentally-friendly disposal options.

Due to the successfulness of DeuPair Frames in other applications, these issues were addressed by ClinicalPosters. After much testing and design refinement, a durable, pre-assembled, extruded-aluminum, 2.8 pound Public Witnessing Vertical Cart DeuPair Frame is now available for worldwide shipping exclusively to Jehovah’s Witnesses to use with their wheeled literature carts.

Literature Cart Frame

At just 0.43" thick, the four sides of these front-load frames flip open to store up to 8 different posters behind a protective sheet of shatterproof 0.02" satin-finish clear plastic. Instead of managing non-recyclable composite headers that are 1/4" to 3/16" thick, these silver or black frames hold recyclable graphics that are just 8 thousands of an inch thin. The natural silver-tone aluminum finish is less apt to reveal scratches. Black-finish frames that match the literature carts are also available.

If you are part of the general public, look for a literature cart near you. If you are one of Jehovah’s Witnesses involved in this global work, continue sharing your lofty message.

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