Panda Express Bottled Orange Sauce Review

Is it as sweet as honey?

By Kevin RR Williams

FOOD A difference between someone born blind and one who loses sight later in life is the recollection of visual sensory perception. Similarly, someone who becomes a vegetarian, has recollections of meat dishes, even as I recall enjoying orange chicken.

I joke that “cheap" food is my second favorite next to "good." In a hurry, you might find me ordering chow mein with mixed vegetables at Panda Express. I can't endorse it as good food; remember my second favorite type of food? Bottles of Panda Express Orange Sauce surrounded the cash register. The sight of Orange Chicken, which I often pass up as a vegetarian, got me wondering how the sauce would taste over tofu. So I purchased a bottle of the sauce. Here's my assessment.

The 20.75-ounce bottle advertises no HFCS. It contains sugar, water, distilled vinegar, soy sauce, food starch, spices, lactic acid, natural flavors, carmel color, hydrolyzed soy protein with xanthan gum and whey as a stabilizers. Based on a modest serving size of 2 tablespoons, there are 70 calories and 17 grams of sugar.

Orange Tofu Rice Bowl

For my taste test, white rice was boiled in water with salt and a splash of olive oil. In a small pot, cubed sprouted tofu was deep fried in peanut oil. Slivered red onions, carrots and baby broccoli stems were sauteéd. The tofu and sauce were then added to the vegetables. This mixture topped the rice.

Panda Express Bottled Orange Sauce Review

The Panda Express Orange Sauce is less sweet than expected with more pungent vinegary overtones having the consistency of honey. It could pretty much be replicated with natural orange citrus and honey. Add to this home brew a bit of water, cornstarch and spices to build a more appealing sauce.

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