Big Plans for ClinicalPosters

Help us perfect the experience.

By Kevin RR Williams

WEBSITE It has been a while since an article has posted to this blog. But this space has not been forgotten. As some readers know, a combination of software and operating system upgrades broke the application previously used to write and queue articles. This led to some tough decisions.

  1. Archive prior content and design a new site.
  2. Manually manipulate HTML to add less frequent articles.

So far, I have been swinging the bat at option 2 without hitting a home run. With a larger team and dedicated programmer, frequency can be resumed. We are not there… yet. So you haven't seen much writing.

Your Input Matters

A considerable amount of writing has been going on behind the scenes to finalize exciting changes for 2016. In this stage, I cannot share details but you can help shape the outcome by answering a few survey questions. In fact, the following button has been added to the final checkout page of our online store. And you are encouraged to click it (even if you don't like surveys).

New Things In Store

Not all improvements are in the future. Some subtle changes have already been implemented within the online store. In the past, numerous finishing options were offered — so many that it confused customers. Menu options have been simplified.

  • Bulk rates are consolidated on a separate page to shorten menus on every product page.
  • With clear distinction, the two most popular black aluminum frame styles can be added to most posters — our standard top-load DeuPair Pocket Frame or the premium front-load DeuPair Flip Frame.
  • Reaching a point of diminshing returns, posters mounted on foam board have been discontinued.
  • The field to add a customer FedEx account number for packages weighing more than 4 pounds is now properly labeled and validated.
  • American Express 4-digit card verification code is now validated during checkout.
  • More security features have been added to customer invoices.
  • Many of the Spanish posters are being discontinued — even long-standing titles like The Muscular System and The Skeletal System. In some cases we are able to obtain posters with lamination and grommets on special order.

In the scope of our big plans for 2016, these enhancements seem minor but they improve the customer experience and demonstrate that though the blog is not updated as frequently, work on this site continues behind the scenes. Our inventory levels are the highest in history and we are here to serve you. To minimize shipping increases (and possibly receive a 2015 tax write-off), order posters for your medical office today.