Three Things Make Your Life Easier

We have history together.

By Kevin RR Williams

SHOPPING There are three things that make your life as a ClinicalPosters customer pleasant. Your online shopping experience should include ease of navigation, vast selection and access to shopping history. The first two have been significatnly enhanced over the past couple of years. But the three features to share today use customer history to simplify shopping.

1. Easy History Navigation and Returns

Make a purchase at Store.ClinicalPosters and a secure online customer status portal is automatically created. Here, you can verify line items, track packages, and communicate with customer service. Invoice printing options include the ability to suppress time-stamped administrator and/or customer comments. It is also now possible to print a return address label at the touch of a button. For your security, three unique identifiers are now required to login, private billing information is suppressed and all activity is logged.

Recently, purchase history was added to the bottom of the portal page. This makes it easier to navigate between multiple orders. Access to prior orders makes it possible to verify quantities and match finishes when reordering products. The options presented adapt to the page content and status of the order. We would love to hear what you think of the status portal. So where's the link? It's revealed after placing an order.

2. Easily Fill In Forms

Stop retyping your address. It is worth stressing that credit card data is not stored on our servers after processing a payment. Nevertheless, for repeat customers, some prior history speeds up future checkouts. A checkbox has been added to lookup address information. Basic information you enter is compared with prior records to automagically complete the shipping address for user confirmation.

3. Easy Project Estimates

Prepare an estimate for approval before payment. Historically, it was necessary to phone us to manually prepare and email a pro forma invoice to you. Now just add the desired items to your cart and click the "Estimate" checkbox. This enables you to complete the checkout without a credit card. Then access the information through our online status portal to print the estimate. You can even activate the order with a credit card within a limited time. It functions like a temporary wish list.

Each year when Apple rolls out a new OS upgrade they tout hundreds of features but highlight a only handful. This is because a great product is the sum of many subtle interface enhancements. Likewise, Store.ClinicalPosters has received hundreds of refinements over the years. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

One More Easy Thing

There is just one more thing. For many people, decorating an office or classroom with anatomy posters can be a tax writeoff. Often the person who benefits from the posters is not the same as the one who purchases. Through the end of the year, we have reenabled the Recommend product page feature. With a few checkboxes and menu selections, you don't even need to type a sentence. Just click the link on any product page to easily send its link to someone who can fulfill your dreams.

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Photo from Pixabay.