Adopt Abused Posters

Discount posters for schools and non-profits.

By Kevin RR Williams

PRODUCT Every so often we receive a phone call from doctors seeking poster donations as they prepare to volunteer in a foreign country. A school teacher may have to dip into her own pocket for posters to educate students.

Non-profit clinics and educators are challenged to obtain needed human anatomy posters within a limited budget. Some customers select unprotected paper for the cost savings even though they are not as sanitary as laminated posters. When shopping for anatomy posters, lowest price is not always the best bargain. A reason companies return to Store.ClinicalPosters is because of the care taken to deliver posters in pristine condition. Our high standard results in a number of imperfect posters accumulating on the sidelines.

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Large sheets of paper can become damaged on the printing press, during transportation from the warehouse, on inventory shelves, while applying custom finishing options or during the final shipment. It is possible to reach a point of diminishing returns, when the price and effort required to protect contents exceeds its value. What happens to inevitably damaged posters after all the shipping and handling.

Adopt Orphaned Posters

Adopt Orphans of Imperfection

Torn or significantly damaged posters are discarded or recycled. But some become forgotten orphans of imperfection. When they were few, we photographed them, wrote descriptions and discounted them in the Bargain section of our online store. Now that we have accumulated more than one hundred, the labor required to list imperfect posters is not commensurate with the decreased value.

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Though surface damage can occur during lamination, most imperfections are on the corners or edges. The latter can often be concealed almost entirely when framed. (Bad edges can be trimmed but then they will not fit our standard size frames.) Each DeuPair Frame can store multiple posters that are quickly interchanged without removing the frame from your wall. Despite a few wrinkles or dogeared corners, the content has value. We have come up with some ways to get less than perfect posters off our shelves and onto appreciative walls:

Option 1: Add a frame to your cart and select the "Adopt Poster" option during checkout. Our packers use their discretion in choosing an appropriate "orphan" to include with your order for just $5. In most cases the poster is unlaminated paper but depending upon what is available and goes with the rest of the order, it may be laminated.

Option 2: A "Five for Thirty-Five" option has been added to the online store in the Bargain section. Here, you may select a preferred category. To keep the cost down, we do not devote many hours cataloging damaged posters. Though logical choices will be made, it is likely that titles and finishes on hand may not match your preference. So there is an element of surprise in exchange for the bulk discount.

Option 3: The "Curated Ten for Hundred" option allows you to specify preferred laminated poster titles. A packer will go through the imperfect inventory and list best matches on status page before shipping.

Adopt Abused Posters

Head over to Store.ClinicalPosters now and purchase a frame to give an orphaned anatomy poster a new home while supplies last. Despite a few wrinkles or dogeared corners, the content has value.

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