Intellectually Voyeuristic Quora

What’s the point of some of the questions?

By Kevin RR Williams

SOCIAL MEDIA To expand my social media presence, I recently rejoined Quora. This is platform with a high percentage of physicians and medical students. So there are more situations in which answers can be found among the many articles in A Bit More Healthy blog. There is also no shortage of juvenilia.

Any member can post a question to which other members may respond. Lengthy comments with good reasoning or entertainment value are sometimes promoted by the site. This leads to more views and upvotes. Short answers may be suppressed. Readers can suggest edits to responses or combine similar questions.

With what seems like an infinite range of topics, members can select specific interests or even specific questions to follow. Some discussions are enlightening. Inappropriate health questions are common: Members might seek mental health diagnoses. Other members with serious medical conditions ask how they can treat aliments. The course of wisdom is to see their personal physician.

Many people use Quora like Google. Someone else might do the work for them. It is easy to get caught up in answering questions because of knowing the answer. Experienced members focus on questions with a high number of followers.

Beware of intellectually voyeuristic questions. These offer no value other than bemused replies. In these cases, my answer is generally terse or absent.

What benefits are some Quora benefits? Highly rated members receive requests for answers about specialty topics. If you have a blog, your profile can link to it. With moderation, some of your responses might link to published articles. This has the potential to increase website traffic.

This 433 word article passes with good readability by the Hemingway Editor.

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