DeuPair Custom Wide Flip Frame

$0.21 sq inch ($38.99 minimum)

Overlay Film:   

These front-load extruded aluminum DeuPair Flip Frames have a 2.5-inch bezel for more visibility of the four available colors. They are ideal for large pictures with a particularly striking anodized wood finish. Available in any size up to 48x72 inches with two-frame minimum. If you do not require padding or clear overlays, maximum frame length is 25 feet (300 inches) for rustproof outdoor applications. Frames longer than 36 inches require simple assembly. Enjoy beautiful frames made in the USA whether you're a professional artist, photographer, interior decorator or art admirer.

Mount these durable, easy-to-hang picture frames on the wall to reduce liability from falling objects. Then insert graphics with shatterproof clear overlay right through the front. The 2.5" frame covers 1/2 inch of inserted graphic edge, extending another 2 inches to the outer frame edge (i.e. 8x10" picture has 7x9" visible area within 12x14" frame). If ordering for an anatomy poster, use image dimensions of 20.2 x 26.2" for maximum viewing area. We also carry posters with a larger dimension of 22.2 x 28.2". Note that minimum price is for smallest dimensions, not poster-size frames.

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